Fishing for bass punching heavy grass on Lake Kissimee targeting fish set up in thick cover during the winter pre-spawn season. As a fishing technique flipping mats is one of my favorite and it can lead to crazy days like this when fish group up in areas moving in to spawn. Setups are simple – a heavy action fishing rod over 7’6″, a well built fishing reel, straight shank hook, heavy tungsten weight, and braided fishing line. We needed to downsize when it came to lure choice as well. Fish were in a negative mood and often short striking the bait as it fell through the cover. When that happens my go to soft plastic is a Gambler BB Cricket – super compact and perfect for enticing winter fish feeling too much pressure or reaction to cold weather.

Weather was partly sunny lows in the 60’s highs in the mid 70’s. Fish are in a winter staging pattern moving up to spawn when the moon and the weather get right.

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Fishing tackle, bait and gear in the vid:

Reel Shimano Curado

Dobyns Champion Extreme MH 795

Hack Attack Flipping Hook

Power Pro Slick 65lbs Braid

Gambler BB Cricket

Reins Tungsten

Gambler Why Not

Pegs for your weight (these are the best)

All the camera stuff, the drone, everything you need to shoot vids!


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